Gifts: Boxes, Clubs & Cards


Our Gift Boxes come in three basic types, ranging in price from $25 to $150 for our standard offerings. Of course, if you’d like a custom box, we’d be more than happy to work with you to create something unique to you and your recipient.


The Basic Box contains one bottle of spirits or wine as a base item, plus additional items, depending on how much you’d like to spend. For instance, a basic wine box might include glasses and a pulltap; a basic bourbon box could feature tumblers and a fancy ice cube tray.



The Cocktail Box is built around a specific cocktail recipe and contains all necessary ingredients to construct that drink. Depending on how much you wish to spend, we can use various brands of spirits and can also include glassware, bar tools and books. Examples:

  • Champagne Float: Sparking wine, liqueur, two flutes and a sparkling wine stopper
  • Negroni: Gin, sweet vermouth, and Leopold Brothers Apertivo
  • Gin and Tonic: Gin, tonic syrup, stirrer, two tumblers and an ice cube tray
  • Manhattan: Rye, sweet vermouth, bitters, cherries, stirrer, ice cube tray, two tumblers
  • Martini: Gin or vodka, dry vermouth, olives or
    onions, two martini glasses, Martini book



The Thematic Box is built around a concept or an experience, such as The Hunter’s Cap, which includes Kings County Bourbon and a hunter’s flask. Thematic Boxes are perfect for that person who’s especially hard to please. Here are some more ideas:

  • Tequila Taster: Blanco, Reposado and Anejo tequila
  • St. George 200 ml Gin 3-up: Botanivore, Terroir and Dry Rye Gin
  • New California: One bottle California Wine + The New California Wine by Jon Bonne
  • Before & After: An aperitivo, a digestivo and a bar of chocolate
  • Full Bar: Bourbon, gin, rum, Scotch, tequila, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth and vodka



And for all you beer heads, please reach us if you’d like to create a beer-centric gift box.


Wine and Beer Club Gifting

Here’s another great gift idea: give someone a membership in our Beer or Wine club. Every month the recipient will get new and different bottles from the world’s coolest breweries and wineries. You can specify the time period of the gift, e.g., three-month, six-month, etc. Interested? Check out our Wine Club and Beer Club pages.

Gift Cards

We offer Bar & Garden gift cards in denominations starting at $10, all the way to $250. If you’d like to send a gift card to someone, use the form below to tell us how much and where to send it; we’ll call you to get payment information and drop it in the mail with a note from you. Like sending flowers, but tastier.

Ready to get started? Send us an email using the form below, and we’ll contact you to work out the details.

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